How to Write Dissertation Introduction Section Guide

The first chapter is a vital part, as it is the initial thing the readers notice in a dissertation. It should provide an overview of the entire work, explain the purposes, set its tone as it impacts people who access it positively.

Check the critical elements of a sample winning dissertation. Strictly stick to your topic as it sets you to the track.

Dissertation introduction

It’s the first chapter of the academic project outlining a clear description of the subject, a statement of the problem, and a further overview of the project.

Research Background

It is the first part of the introduction, where a background buildup of the topic will help you understand the subject and respond to why the study is central, critical, problematic, and fascinating.

It should have an inclusion of the vital concepts hence informing the supervisors that you have an in-depth understanding of the outlined subject.

The introduction shouldn’t be about another study, as it will get discussed in the review section. The background helps in the general building of the research.

Introduction Elements

  • Context and topic: what the general population should know to formulate the script.
  • Scope and focus: aspects to be outlined.
  • Importance and relevance: impact of the research discussion on the subject.
  • Research objectives and queries: the aim of your study

Starting your introduction

The intro should get jotted at the closing of your script after all chapters get done. Make a copy of the paragraph as you start your research. Alter your introduction to match the whole dissertation or utilize a proposal template as it contains the matching elements.

Include these elements for a firm introduction.

Context and Topic

Introduce your topic as a start. Provide background data of the subject for better understanding.

Scope and Focus

After the introduction, narrow it down to the range of your script:

  1. Area of investigation
  2. Period of investigation coverage
  3. Groups getting investigated

Significance and relevance

Show your morale in conducting the research. It impacts subsisting papers on the subject and additional information. Provide an overview of the present research situation. Explain how your script will inscribe an issue in a specific field while mentioning relevant sources.

The significance of your script may get based on its theoretical or practical application. Explain how it:

  • Solves a practical or theoretical problem
  • Improves on papers in the present and study
  • Provides a better comprehension of the subject
  • Illuminates a niche in the literature

Research Objectives and Questions 

It is where the setting of what to expect in your dissertation happens. Therefore, it is the most critical section of the research. Develop the research objectives and questions depending on the subject, focus, and discipline. Mention your work’s central goal. Give the research methods utilized but not detailed since they will get put in the methodology chapter.

Additional Tips and Questions 

What is the significance of the introduction? How does it improve my dissertation? It is the first thing that hooks the readers to your work. 

At what point should I jot my intro? Commence it at the central where you have an idea of what to say.

Do I need a conclusion after having an introduction? Not necessarily since it’s a part of your education.

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