Accounting Dissertation Topics

As a graduate majoring in accounting, you will need to pick your thesis topic eventually. The topic picking stage is as important as every other stage in your program. However, it's not ways going to be easy. This is why most people seek writing help from professional writers. While these services are cheap, the list below is made up of many possible topics for your dissertation. Having a topic in mind will make things easier even when you want to pay for professional help.

Top 5 Topics for Accounting Dissertation

  1. A Comparative Study on The Role of Auditing Teams in an Establishment
  2. In this dissertation, your goal is to write about the audit committees and their effectiveness in organizations. Keep in mind that the auditing team is a sub-committee of non-executive directors. These directors oversee issues related to internal control, financial reporting and audit. You can write about the different strategies and tools used by auditing teams across countries.

  3. How Effective is The Green Accounting Policy in Establishments
  4. Global warming is a problem that is affecting every industry one way or the other. This is why companies now make environmental changes to save the environment. One of the benefits of these changes is that they can either be cost-effective or expensive. The green accounting policy incorporates these costs in the company’s financial reports. Your thesis should be about identifying the efficiency of these green policies.

  5. A Comparative Study of the Future of Second Generation Family-owned Businesses
  6. In the commercial sector, family-owned businesses are traditionally a mainstay. However, things have changed in the last two decades thanks to globalization and the ever-wider reach of multinational corporations. These businesses are now at risk of financial turmoil and extinction. Make sure you analyze each threat to these businesses and mention possible solutions. You can write about the evolution of family-owned businesses over the century. Also, talk about what the future holds for these businesses.

  7. Intellectual Capital Vs. Financial Capital, Which is More Important in an Organization
  8. Most organizations require monetary capital to kick off or expand. However, having money to spend isn't enough if there is no intellectual capital. In this context, intellectual capital refers to talent, skills, and knowledge of employees within an organization. If you're working on this thesis topic, compare and contrast both concepts and talk about the relationship between these two concepts and business success. You can pick a few public companies and use them as case studies.

  9. A Critical Analysis of Credit Rating Agencies and the 2007 - 2008 Financial Crisis in the United States
  10. While there were many factors that led to the United States' financial crisis in 2017 and 2018, many experts believe that mortgage agencies had a key role to play. For starters, talk about how things like the subprime mortgage affected the economy. You can talk about whether or not this is true.

Pay for Professional Accounting Dissertation Writing Help or Do it Yourself?

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