How To Start Writing A Winning Dissertation Right Now

Writing a winning dissertation is, by no means, an easy task. You need to put in many hours of effort into conducting your research, and articulating your results into a dissertation. However, despite the complexity of the process, we have produced this simple and easy to read guide on what is a dissertation how to start writing a winning thesis right now, which you can use for success.


Along with knowing the dissertation meaning of your work, it is pivotal to conjure a good plan before you start working on your paper. As you know, a dissertation can take up to months at a time to complete, and if you are composing a PhD paper, then it can even take years. Due to this, it is highly recommended that you plan ahead before you begin working on your paper.

The first aspect of your planning is to do with your scheduling. Now, it is likely that you will not have a definitive date by which your paper is due. Hence, we recommend that you make your own date by which you will ensure your work is complete.

While in the process of writing your paper, it can be hard to find time for extra curricular activities, and to participate in your hobbies. As such, we strongly suggest that you make a timetable that you will be strictly adhering to. This will ensure that you have time to tend to other parts of your life.


A large aspect of your dissertation writing will be concerned with conducting your research. There are mainly two types of research you will be undertaking:

  • Compiling your own results
  • Research current and past literature pertaining to your subject

For the latter, your universality will usually provide you with dissertation resources to help you with gathering the necessary literature you need to read and review. Also, when conducting your research, you need to ensure that you are using all the right methods that adhere to your subject criteria.


There is a specific structure that is universally used around the world for thesis papers. To better understand it, we will discuss all the dissertation sections you need to include in your paper.

  • Abstract: The abstract gives a very simple summary of your paper. Ideally, the abstract should be around 200 words.
  • Introduction: The introduction will tell the reader about what is come in the duration of your work.
  • Literature Review: Here, you will analyze the past publications produced on the topic that you are writing about.
  • Methodology: In the methodology, you analyze the methods you will be using to gather your results.
  • Results and discussion: You list the results you have achieved, and analyze them as in the section prior.
  • Conclusion: A large part of the conclusion is to analyze whether or not your goals have been achieved.
  • As you can see, much preparation and hard work needs to go into producing a winning thesis paper. As such, you should seek dissertation help at MyDissertationTeam, if you feel you need it.

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